All-in-one mobile, graphical system design tool

Use any device with a Web browser or our iPad or Android tablet app to import floor plans; drag and drop system elements; and capture functional requirements, photos and notes for each element.  Organize all information in one place making reference and updates easy, convenient, and secure.

System Surveyor 

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Client: System Survey

System Surveyor is the electronic security systems design tool that mess, facility and it professionals use to easily and securely capture, organize and maintain system information - all in one place.

Securely collaborate from field to office

Use the tool on a mobile tablet with any Web browser or the iPad-based app. Securely sync plans to collaborate with project managers, designers, engineers, installers, technicians, customers and more.  Get everyone on the same page – literally.

Key Milestone




Version 1 on IOS & Web


Version 4


Expand to Andriod

Golden Section Technology will continue to work with System Surveyor on the design and development program to improve the products and new plans for 2018.

Guiding Innovation