Non Disclosure Policy

At GSV we get pitched all the time on cool and innovative new ideas. This is exciting and one of the more enjoyable aspects of what we do.


In all these cases, we are engaging with entrepreneurs, sharing our ideas, asking questions and exploring the business opportunity together. Because we do this so often with so many different people in different industries, we cannot let anything get in the way of the free exchange of ideas in this setting.

Rules of the policy

  1. We will not sign your NDA, so don’t ask. This is a hard and fast rule and will not be changed. We do this to protect the companies we invest with. We are very likely looking at a company similar to or potentially competitive to your business at the time of your presentation. We won't take the risk that our investment could cause a legal issue.

  2. Don’t share anything that is proprietary or a trade secret and we won't either.

  3. Come to all meetings prepared to share with us in an open setting (i.e. come knowing about this policy and ready to share what you can).

  4. If you slip up and share something you shouldn’t, simply let us know and we will be honorable about that.


The differentiator between success and failure is in the quality of execution and not the quality of the idea. If your idea is so powerful that anyone could execute it, then it will quickly become commoditized and therefore is not something we would be interested in anyway.

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