What do you expect of a founder?

We are looking for founders who are profit oriented, extremely motivated, and see value in what we can bring to the table in technical guidance and execution. Take a look at our criteria here.

How do you help founders scale?

Our team is very experienced in scaling software companies from inception to $10M in revenue. Collectively we have sold more than $250M of enterprise software, scaled dozens of teams, and had exits in hospitality tech, health IT, Oil & Gas tech and more. We work with founders to develop a master plan based on our knowledge, industry benchmarks and best practices. We then apply accountability through bi-monthly meetings with founders to check progress against the plan an reveal any areas where our experience or capacity can help remove an obstacle. As our companies scale, we will help the founders navigate the different types of capital, talent, and systems needed to stay competitive. Check out more about how we partner here.

How much do you invest?

We are looking for capital efficient companies and founders that are looking to preserve thier equity stake. Our typical check size is between $250K and $750K depending on the deal and the need.

What do you charge your portfolio companies?

We employ a hands-on approach and charge for doing so. The fees we charge our management companies enable us to provide founders with the insight and capabilities we can offer as well as the deal we can give on the investment. These fees help offset the fees we charge to limited partners which translates to a better deal for the founder. Typically, at full cost, our pricing is less than what the founder will make each month and it allows the founder access to our team, our network, and - more importantly - our knowledge.