Motion Control

The Lynx app's joysticks enable effortless motion control. And gyroscope and accelerometer technologies enable Lynx to mimic the motion of the phone.
Lynx is a versatile kit and can be set up in many different variations of slides, pans and tilts. It can tilt and lift a 5 lb camera vertically with ease, and it can pan or horizontal slide even larger cameras.

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Client: Cinetics

GST collaborated with Cinetics to build a state of the art, mobile application that provides intuitive, bluetooth-based access to Cinetics’ camera motion control system. Cutting edge motor control technology enables precise, quick and quiet slides, pans and tilts. Joysticks let you move the motors effortlessly. Setup is easy and automation enables preset programming and complex moves.

Intuitive & Efficiency

A beautifully designed mobile app provides intuitive control. Joysticks let you move the motors effortlessly. And, accelerometer control takes live camera movement to the next level. It sets up quickly and can run preset programs. Or can be configured creatively to perform complex moves. And the Lynx slider comes with a carrying case that makes it perfect for run and gun shooting.

Key Milestone




IOS and Andriod released

Guiding Innovation