“Success is no accident.” - Pele.  GSV’s Partner Program is unique in that your company’s high growth is achieved via our comprehensive, systematic sales & marketing framework, leveraging flexible R&D resources all via right-sized investment and best in class guidance from industry experts.  Our breadth of business experience coupled with deep technology expertise provides our Founder partners with the tools they need to capitalize on the success that they have so diligently initiated.  


Many other companies go down the path of acceleration in order to achieve momentum; unfortunately all too often the only momentum achieved is that of continuously seeking funding, operating at cashflow negative and repeatedly realizing dilution in the Founder’s shares of the company.  Our Founder partners have not experienced Partnership program like this before.  GSV Partners focuses on inertia & velocity, not acceleration & momentum; inertia in that we know just the right amount of investment needed in order to achieve a growth path (velocity) that will generate predictable revenue.  Explore our Partnership program criteria and contact us to see the difference.